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I'm Ciupz, An Old Player.

Ciupz cel smeq

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Sup y'all,it's been a long time since I've posted something serious on the forums and I've seen quite a few presentations so I figured out I can do one aswell. 


•First of all, let me introduce myself : I am Ciupz, I am 17 y/o now and I've been around here for 3+ years.

•I started playing here after the server I used to play suddenly closed, so I've been searching for a new one, and Craftersland was the best option.
When I started playing, I've came to the server with a few fags, such as MuZickQ and LeGioNx and we ended up staying here.


•After some time, I've seen players from my old server and prolly that's what made me stay at the beggining, players such as the weird fucc Slemn and DoNNNy .

•At the time we were playing, Craftersland wasn't a network. It was simply a minecraft survival server, with the forum hosted on a free domain on the internet. Back then, the staff was made of TheChoppah, ShardBlade, VonMannson, Gheara and brunyman as I remember.

•Back in my squeaker days, I used to play minecraft all day as it was one of the only games I played, and soon I've became quite known among the players.

•I was there when Rocambole and Slemn were selected as judges, when the first judge application was open, and I wasn't old enough to apply hahah. Not to forget mentioning that back then there was a guy named mitza2002 who was the firsti Architect on the server, and it was so funny that we always killed him to get spawned items. 2ez


•A few months after I joined, Craftersland has moved the forums from the free domain to a proper forum, where I signed in at the very first days.

•Not too late after the forums update, brunyman opened a server with the TEKKIT modpack. It was the good old tekkit, I assume is called ' Tekkt classic ' right now, and therefore the community was growing kinda fast.

•At that time, I was playing on both survival and tekkit,  mainly on survival. The time flew, and Rocambole was growing in rank and it finally became the server manager.

•When Rocambole was selected as the manager, I got to know the guy as I was friends with slemn too, as he was in staff. In the meantime, a guy named KammKazze started playing with me and he soon became staff and one Rocambole's right hand.


I started playing on tekkit as I had everything I wanted to test the modpack, and it turned out to be awesome, so at the time I was playing mostly on it. 

•After some time, I got in touch with vladNMP and shortly after I became judge on the server . [ at that time there was no helper rank ]

•Shortly after that I was mostly spending time with Andrei95, urss33, vladnmp and CyberEagle [ I'm sorry if I missed someone ]

•That being said, after quite some time I got to know a weirdo called SirMajestick, which was the last added in our group. 

•Basically, with this group I have had the best time ever playing in the community, alongisde with MuZickQ and LeGioNx.

The biggest drama we ever had on tekkit was the issue with Brennenhavoc and Sean, 2 guys from the US that I am thankful to, as they kept the server alive at the beginning because Brennen was the first sponsor of the community, but they tried to overcome the staff just by the fact that they were donating, without putting any effort managing the server itself, but eventually they left.

•As the community was growing bigger and bigger, soon there was introduced the SkyBlock server alongside the Assassins Creed server, where LeGioNx got his staff membership, and shortly after there was the FTB server, where SirMajestick got the server manager rank.

•Not long after this, as I remember, Craftersland turned into the network today. In the meantime I already met digital_gold and we became good friends.

•Shortly after the FTB server was added I kinda stopped playing and I renounced as moderator, and I was casually playing on factions / survival .

•Nothing that special happens after these, just mainly having a good laugh while I was casually playing here.

As I've been here since forever, let me say a few words about everyone I met in here, with my honest opinion about them.

•Rocambole - As harsh as you were, you were the best thing that happened to this community. 

•Slemn - Even tho I met you before, I'm glad that I got to know you better to realize the fact that 
you're a useless piece of fucc, but I guess it's fine cuz you're a funny mofo and we always have a good time together. I still hope u die while u r sleeping though . ly bae

•vladnmp - One of the best friends I met online. I won't ignore the fact that he's a fag but he's still quite cool. ♥

•digital_gold - Same as vlad, we always have a good time together, even though it's hard to ignore the fact that he's a magyar coon. ly2

•SirMajestick - Despite the fact that I haven't been speaking with him for quite a time, we still had such fun times together, alongside the other 2 that I've just mentioned. 

•CyberEagle - One of my favorite moldavians. Cool guy, even if he's a weirdo.

•Andreas - Chill guy, didn't get to know him good but he's cool.

•VonMannson - Haha, this bastard was the shit. I used to laugh so much at his raging as he was always yelling and crying over the fact that he lost some items. Nevertheless it was all good fun and he's a cool guy.

•mitza2002 - Can't say much about him, as he was like 11 at that time. But I guess he was pretty fun at his age.

•DoNNNy - One of the chillest guy I met, nice to spend time with.

•EvilMint/EvilBufy - The scariest duo on survival. Fun times.

•Klepo - The only person which I couldn't beat on survival/factions. Dunno what's up with this guy, but we had harsh fights, lol. He was playing his game good.

•Kanyesus - Another guy that I had good times with, raiding other factions n stuff. Funny guy.

•SirFulgerul - A cool guy that I got to know. He used to be staff on FTB as I remember.

•Sam[sabeeh] - I've recently met this pakistani bud. Oh, my dear muslim friend, you're the real deal.

•POWERWARP - A fun guy which does his job as a staff member so well it reminds me of Roca. Mad respect bro.

Just4Apple - I used to play skyblock with this bud. I don't know him very well, but I remember him as a funny guy.

•brunyman - As little as I've been speaking with him, he always was the same nice person. Keep it up.

For whoever isn't here, it may be due the fact that I don't know you / I didn't care enough to remember.


As I said that I will say my honest opinion about everyone, it's time to talk about the others that I can't stand. 

•Andrew2070 - You really have problems dude. You made your way up there by literally backstabbing people, and that's a really shit thing to do. Even you played with us, you were screenshotting stuff out of context so you can get us into problems,  even though we were just having a little fun without harming anything. You're that type of person which disgusts me.

•Myiume - Not sure how many of you know him, but I mentioned him as he was one weird mofo. He was sometimes acting nicely, but in general he was a goddamn douchebag. I can't deny the fact that he helped the community though.

Well, that's all. It's quite a read, but since I had nothing better to do.. well yeah. I guess that you now got some idea of who I am . cya around bois

sugeti pula, in special lemn ♥

Edit: As a token of gratitude for whoever will read till the end, here is a rare photo of ciupz in his golden ages.

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whaer is de good old typeing thaeme? i konw u meennnnnnnn!!!!!!!!

welcem baek!

baest typaer ever.

u globael elait on csgo ik ik mennn

wee naed to kown eachh odear jkin

good bai 

talk latear my freind 


ediit - whaet a picture o,o baii

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Saw this late,


It's been real bud,

However blowing up peoples houses was why i had to ban all of you including Vlad.

As for BackStabbing, the kind of thing you did to Jim/Joss and myself.

Screenshotting everything then telling me down about, funny.


But alas, past is past. 

We did have some fun no?

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