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World Automation Server Updated To 1.9.5-6


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Another great update was completed to our World Automation server! This is a modpack update some changes done:


Added Mods: ExtraTic, Railcraft, ThermalCasting
Removed Mods: In Game Wiki (IGWMod)
Updated Mods: Another One Bites the Dust (AOBD), AppleCore, Carpenter's Blocks, EnderCore, Ender IO, ExtraCells, Logistics Pipes, Mekanism, MekanismGenerators, MekanismTools, Veinminer.
  • Added Railcraft, which massively expands the capabilities of minecarts and rail systems within Minecraft!
  • Added ExtraTic, which should improve compatibility with Tinker's Construct and other mods.
  • Added Thermal Casting, which allows "casting" molten metals from Tinker's Construct in a fluid transposer to blocks, without a casting basin!
  • Removed In-Game Wiki Mod as it wasn't being utilized.
  • #1 Fixed Mekanism Gas Tank missing recipe in v9 - thanks to CL community member zarzour for reporting. Temporary fix in place, track issue on https://github.com/r...mation/issues/1
  • #2 Fixed Mekanism Atomic Disassembler missing recipe in v9. Temporary fix in place, track issue on https://github.com/r...mation/issues/1
  • Added Railcraft protection for MyTown.
For those who use MultiMC or another launcher, copy over the "mods" and "config" folder to update your client.
FTB/Curse users, your update should arrive within the next 48 hours!
Thanks rmt for another great modpack update, and to all community members that helped it any way.

Explore the space and build machines!


Space Age Machines. A mechanic dream!


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