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Weekend Sale On Our Donationshop


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Hi guys,


We will have a 50% OFF SALE this weekend, in the effort to raise some money to cover some expenses. The last 3 months were low on donations, same as this month as we didn't get even close to 50% of our target yet. So with this SALE I hope we will hit at least 50% so we can cover the basic stuff as hosting bills.


As promise we want to open another custom modpack server, but due to funds limits, I will have to get some room on one of our existing servers to not increase the hosting bills even more. I'm working on few plugins now and as soon as i'm done I'l focus on this new modded server.


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Once I return to the states I will load $100 on my card and get myself sponsor on either Network/New serv.

Also I have reduced the pack load by removing High RAM consuming mods which are also quite glitchy.

Anyhow, I have updated the server files, and am uploading the new pack version as well.


I have also configured most of the mods in the server build to disable a few laggy items and features.


Good luck Brunyman,

Hopefully we can overcome this situation,

Might I suggest more advertising? maybe a few ads on the forums that wont hurt anyone?

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