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Death Bug

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So at 2:22~ i used chance cubes to get some items... I've got closed in a box with TNT in it, i used /is h to escape it but i failed apparently and died while i was tping... So now i got some kind of seizures on my screen and cant die ( because i have no hp left) i can use chat, break blocks and use items  in my hot-bar , but i can't pick items or open my inventory with e. Tried diving into void but i'm already dead so it wouldn't work . My IGN is DaRealKing , ty


I kinda fixed this problem with /bukkit:kill command but now if i take and damage i have such thing 

it's realy annoying every time i take at least half heart damage to use /bukkit:kill   -_-


Apparently i have no hp now... no idea what is it.. my hp bar is gone( i'm alive atm ) ...That gray line is player went afk.. fyi

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it occurs every time i take any damage.. even that poison in spawn already "killed" me today, i had to use /bukkit:kill to get back in.. I freely can use all commands but cannot enter any inventory or pick up items while i'm "dead". I suppose it has to do with me using /is h while i was dead by explosion

To be honest this "Lucky block" mod completely sucks... while original lucky blocks had some decent items and traps this is completely bugged and can't realy surprise you... i opened like 20 boxed  with +100 to luck necklace and 13~ of them was something named "Make it loud" or something like that... it had nothing in it.... 


after restart (right now) here some proof it's not fixed : 

Some test...

this is the height i felt from right now... i got seizures on  my screen again... w/o /kill i can't play normally

(I'm dead at the last screenshot)

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