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Archepvp (Kitpvp) Server Released!


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Hello Crafter's,


Today I'm proud to announce that ArchePVP has been released on our network!


After lots of hard work, we finally released the server to the public on the 1st of July.


We have Hardy5aOMG, invictorgs3 and HiipoGamer making videos on the server, so join and you may see them online! Here is a stream that hardy made on our network yesterday:





It is a KitPVP Server that includes:


1vs1 - Challenge your friends, and enemies!

Clans - Fight it out between your rival clans, make sure to protect your teammates!

Global Kits - Find chests around the map containing items to help you on your way.

Armory - Spend the money you get on kills on upgrading your arsenal.

Large Custom Map - Fight out in our custom made village - chase down opponents, or run from them!

And much more..



See you on the server!



Premium: archepvp.com


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