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Network Limited Edition Pearks! Sponsor+, Money, Titles.


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Hello guys,


This month started really low on donations we only got 12% of our target and we are soon reaching the middle of this month. So in the effort to raise money to get us over this difficult period I had developed some limited edition pearks for Network with Sponsor+ Rank, Money kits and Chat Prefixes.


The funds raised will also be used to push the AssassinS update and speedup the plugin development. On the first 50 euro donated on these limited edition pearks we will open the AssassinS 1.10.2 Test server, so you can test all the changes and new features.


We are online thanks to your support, so please if you can help us get to at least 50% of our target. If you can't donate please vote us daily as this will help us allot. Thank you for support!


Check out our Network Limited Edition pearks: http://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/721103

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