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Dubtrack - An alternative to Plug.dj!


Hey, everyone.


If you're anything like me, you can appreciate some good music, and love to share your preferences with others. That's where Dubtrack comes in. It allows you to efficiently share music with the rest of your friends, as it features a powerful queueing system that lets everyone play the music they want, while being the room's DJ. You even get to play YouTube videos as well!


I've taken the liberty of creating a room specially customized for Crafter's Land. I've been using DT for quite a while myself, so I thought I'd see what y'all think of it as a service. You're all welcome to join in and share your music tastes with the rest of the community. What kind of vibes do you listen to? Here's your chance to impress us!


Be sure to sign up for account, in order to get the most out of Dubtrack!


Click here to join the room.


See ya there!

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