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Skyfactory Server Update To 2.5.4!


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Our SkyFactory2 Server was updated to latest recommended modpack version 2.5.4!


A some basic changelog from FTB Team:

* Updated the following mods: Draconic Evolution, CustomThings, Mod Tweaker, Minefactory Reloaded, Storage Drawers, and Veinminer          

* Fixed Diamond Boots giving Leather in a Sag Mill      
* Fixed the typo in the 2.5.3 changelog since people are very nice and let me know in a respectful and loving manner                             
* Added a recipe to turn Ex Nihilo Aluminum Ingots into Blocks (this was not in by default)
* Fixed names in the headcrumbs config that were incorrect causing heads not to drop (Sorry Wolv!)
* Edited the InpureCore scripts to eliminate a lag spike when loading a world
* Turned off auto-refill from Inventory Tweaks since it does not work as intended a majority of the time
* Added many incorrectly registered blocks to the Ex Nihilo Crook blacklist to eliminate a duplication bug
* Added a few items to the Loot bag Table including tier 1 experience rings
* Fixed Yellorium not auto-smelting or not properly working in the Infernal Furnace


Also last days I spent in fixing mods crash bugs to improve the server stability and TPS. Other than that not much else.


Build your SkyFactory!



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