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Skyfactory - Automated Magical Crops Farm Setup


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For A Closer View On This Image - Click http://imgur.com/gallery/dfSE9


What You Will Need For This Setup -

  • Power
  • 6 Tesseracts
  • 6 7x7 Platforms Of Dirt
  • No More Than 128 Transfer Pipes(Amount Depends On How Far Or How Many Chests You Have)
  • 6 Unbreakable Mattocks (I Recommend Obsidian Mattocks, Starts With Reinforced III)
  • 6 Watering Cans (Reinforced Are Best)
  • Growth Pulsars (I Build Mine As Far Down As They Can Go)(The More You Have, The Faster The Growth
  • 6 Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts (Tier-1 Item Conduits Will Work Too)
  • 6 Transfer Nodes
  • 42 Speed Upgrades {For Maximum Output Speed} (I Recommend 7 Upgrades In Each Transfer Node)

For A Better View On How The Process of Creating This Goes, Watch This Video


To Improve Growth Speed, Build The Growth Pulsars All The Way Down Until You Can't Place Any More


I Hope You Found This Forum Post Useful, Thank You



-​   _Ice_

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Just Made A Vid With Some More Screenshots of It, Scroll Up And It's In The Post.




Hope It Helps :)   








Will try this when there is a wipe.



Looks cool, but I am afraid I cannot figure out how to set this up. Mind adding some more screenshots, please?




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