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Very Big Issue *i Accidentally Caused It*


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Hello, i made a very large shield projector, tier 4 in the millenium, when i activated it, I got kicked. Now, i see

alot of people saying that they get kicked when they go there as well. I asked them what the popup msg was

when they got kicked, it was the same as right when I activated the shield projector.


I think you should wipe the last millenium dimension, if there is a much easier way to do it, like deleting only tier 4 shield projectors or shield boundaries *don't know what they are called, forgot* then please do it.



P.S. This was not just my idea to build this projector, it was lukasbuta555, and eytixis and pocoyozinho's *do /baltop* idea, we were all involved in this if you have any questions.





Thank You -  ​_​Ice​_




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