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Problem To Join

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I have 2 computers where i play SkyFactory...

With one computer all it works correctly.. But on the second i can't join...

It say

"Failed to login: Authentication are currently down for maintenance"


It works with all servers, but not with this D:

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Copy the working installation from one computer to another using a USB key or similar.

I did the opposite, from the PC where it does not work I sent SkyFactory folder to the PC where it works ... I do not know what happened ... Now I try with the launcher cracked ...


No.. Same problem.. It's possible that server can be played only from 1 IP?

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According to server, it does not matter which computer is doing it as it would only see one IP address. Are you trying to play at the same time with both computers?

Maybe he's accessing from 2 different computers in 2 different networks. It's not that uncommon, I do it as well.
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