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World Automation Server Update To V3.0.0


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Our World Automation server was updated to latest modpack version 3.0.0. No major changes just bug fixes. More details about this on rmt post: http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/16244-world-automation-v300-released-more-info-here/


Also I performed few updates to the server configuration, the server connection is now handled via a dedicated proxy, we installed a new custom login system to prevent mods fake players from not working and better support for premium users and still allow non premium to join, and some other small changes to better integrate all our modded servers together.




A mechanic universe!


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that's because you connect to a bungeecord network and it will show 0 mods, but you can connect just fine.

Thank you will be joining i applied for helper i have a lot of fun when i help people i am already helping and rmtnetworks told me i am really good because me and a few others always keep care of server like staff members i really hope i do get selected

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