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Skyfactory Server Update To 2.5.5!


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Our SkyFactory2 Server was updated to latest recommended modpack version 2.5.5!


Ths is a big modpack update and we got some mods removed and added and lot's of config changes.


Modpack changes:


Mods removed:

  • OpenEye
  • FoxLib
  • Mobius Core
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Infibows
  • Veinminer


Mods added:

  • OreExcavation
  • Block of Charcoal


Full official change log:

* Fixed typo in the Simple Achievements book
* Added a new achievement page for RF Tools specific achievements
* Added a SAG Mill recipe for Draconium Ore to Draconium Dust
* Edited the GUI for multiple mods so everything isn't in the same place (Draconic Evolution, etc.)
* Edited the recipe to get Air Shards from hammering Sandstone Slabs, it wasn't very easy to figure out you needed two slabs on top of each other. It now requires you to hammer sandstone
* Added Witchery Torn Pages as Loot Bag drops and as a crafting recipe
* Added a Loot Recycler value to Seared Bricks
* Added missing Thaumcraft Aspects to various items: Hemp Seeds, Hemp Fibre
* All Natura Leaves will now compost in a barrel
* Fixed Natura Amaranthus Logs not giving the correct planks in a Sawmill
* Single Compressed Cobblestone now smelts into Single Compressed Stone in furnaces
* Added the remaining saplings from Natura to the Minefactory Reloaded Planter
* Added a number of blocks to the Applied Energistics 2 Facade list
* Made Limestone and Marble Small Stones craftable from full blocks for player convenience
* Lowered the weight of the Stable Ingots in Loot Bags so they appear less often
* Added OreExcavation to fix crashes with Veinminer. Since Draconic Evolution is using it's block breaking code, all Draconic Tools have to be removed as tools that can "veinmine" or else a crash will occur. This is the best case scenario to prevent crashes and have a majority of tools still mass mine
* Removed OpenEye, FoxLib, Mobius Core, Tabula Rasa, Infibows
* Disabled Minefactory Reloaded sounds to help with performance
* Added Blue Slime, Green Slime, and Plastic parts into Tinker's Tool part list
* Tinkers' tool parts that were not showing in NEI before are now visable
* Doubled the RF cost and lowered the item results when pulverizing/sag milling armor
* Unified all types of flour
* Added "Block of Charcoal" mod to give... A block of charcoal
* Added a recipe for the Deep Dark with Mobius Ingots
* Fixed many mods and their NEI integrations showing/hiding important information (Thank you SnowShock)
* Added a recipe for Alder Slabs from Witchery



Build your SkyFactory!



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