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Renting Shops Brunyman


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Money is a bit pointless on the server because there is no way to spend it usefully, and because there is no way to spend it noone is raising money because noone needs money.

If we could rent Shops for ingame money it would keep the people raising money and that would make more people vote for the server and would improve the economy because collecting money has a point.

For these shops you could make a extra world where you can build these shops.

these Shops could replace the market at spawn because the market and the shops would conflict




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They would it invest in Clan Bases because everyone loves extra space.

I think some of them would rent shops.

I think small houses in towns with a rent are also possible and the rich would be interested in renting towns (i don't know how to call it)

to collect rent.


There are a lot of possibilitys




PS:Make books and quills useabel again.

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