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Timur Power Abuse


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As i told earlyer, in THAT post. You kinda allowed to do what you did. But...

Acting like this, you ruin other`s game experience.

Last time you killed someone, you took his stuff, his Wireless ME terminal. Then you came to his island, and took ALL valuable stuff of his ME system. I call that GRIEFING!


Now, you killed someone who new at game. You took his stuff, just for fun. I call that... Griefing...

Yes, you grieff his game experience. You didn`t help him. You HURT him.


Don`t be surprise if someone (Me) want to hurt you aswell. I took all your stuff, and gave it to @b0ykoe...

If you want it back, talk to @b0ykoe.


P.S. About "Power abuse"... You got MUCH more power then @b0ykoe, you can oneshot him, and he got NO CHANCE to kill you. Talk about "Power abuse"...

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