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Chunkloader Explanation


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So, i have a problem or i need an explanation about chunkloader.


I actually use ChunkLoader from MineFactoryReaload. I put energy inside, essence and set 2 chunk radius for a total 3500rf/t. 

When i'm INSIDE the server like in another dimension or at /spawn ChunkLoader works and i can farm thiugs.

BUT if i LEFT the server chunkloader stop to works.


I tried chucnkloader from CC but same "issue"


Some tips?



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That's how it's supposed to work. It's meant to save server resources, else we would have most the map chunkloaded forever. It also reduces lag that way. The mfr chunkloaders are the only ones that work, chickenchunks and personal anchors and some others are disabled because they are too easy to use/craft. You have to revisit the chunk you are loading to get it to work again.

We do it this way partly so that players who've left don't leave chunk loaded bases that aren't using behind, among other things. It also helps prevent lag, and keeps the server running smoothly.

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