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Lost Item In '/market Send' System

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So yesterday i borrowed D34DLY15 my draconium ore dimlet(ID #6563/103) that i bought for 15,000$ from someone from SLYER clan i forgot the name, after is using it i told him to return me via /market send because i was going to be away for 1 whole day while waiting my ME system to be rollbacked, after he send it it was nothing on my market it was just the item that im seling and the transaction logs, but no dimlet nowhere to be found..

well can i have atleast to have it be refunded? because i spent alot of money on that thing also after my ME system was fixed(rollbacked) i noticed somehow i have 0$ but before the rollback i still have my money for like ~10,000$

EDIT: The reason i have 3000$ in my account its because i sold some of my items because i need to buy something, and someone donated to me

can anyone help me?



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[4] No sale/gifting creative/illegitimate items to members outside of your island:


-1st offense = warning, seizure of item(s), search of claim.

-2nd offense = ban, determined by # of items.

-3rd offense = 2 week ban 


You don't want that, do you? Even if it's for a good cause, it's against the rules and you should avoid doing that.

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