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srsly delete it or just optimize it cuz i lost 30 legit chaos shards to 30 creative cuz i clicked on em in creative wtf why???? and i lost so many other stuff to but well i am not mad about the old stuff but srsly 30 legit chaos shards into creative ones? that hurts much so bruny pls check out if u can fix this cuz that's rly bad would be nice .... i know i will get no refund cuz no screens but pls fix this these 3o shards were a lot of work ....

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well i had 30 chaos shards (legit) in my inventory .....

i activated gm to test smt ...

then i accidentaly cl0ciked on the shards and whooosh they got a creative tag ( what make me mad cuz hard work)

and that's the problem so try to change this or solve the creative tag problemm with smt other than clicking on items ...

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Well, you can ask for refund for them. But even if they are tagged you should be able to use them right?

The reason the tag get's applied like that is because craftbukkit / spigot marks all inventory clicks in creative mode as a creative click event, so when clicking inside the creative menu or in an inventory they trigger the same event.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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