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Hello! I've recently started playing on the Infinity evolved server and I donated for Sponsor over here too, so as of right now I have sponsor and upwards on two of your servers ^^.
I ask to see if it's possible for me to get the same special permissions I had over on skyfactory?

Back there I had Whois, which isn't really needed but I also had permissions to turtles, I realise that this server is different as it is open world and I would understand if this request were to be denied. :-)

I also donated for the [Master] tag that I also have over on skyfactory, could you perhaps also add my Sponsor tag to my prefix? [Master] 

Also, I don't seem to have full NEI access, I only have the toggle buttons for creative and heal ( I have changed it to cheating and everything is correct on my front ). Back on skyfactory I had toggle rain, day/night and magnet.
Really all I would want there is the magnet, I wouldn't toggle day/night and I already got /weather for the rain part

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Hey @brunyman,

/whois is fixed, but I don't notice a change with the NEI but if you say you've fixed it then I will try to look into it more if it's on my side. - Although I have all of the buttons in singleplayer just not on the server,
As for the turtles, that would be absolutely amazing. Looking forward to it!, I remember Towny used to be able to protect against turtles in a way that you needed to do like /trust [ComputerCraft] to allow turtles to dig inside your claim.
Maybe you could borrow some code from there :-P

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You're speaking about the " o " key, it toggles NEI on and off, which is not what's wrong with the NEI.

I guess I should clarify, this is how my NEI looks like: Picture
And I have everything correct in the settings, enabled the utilities and I have cheat mode on: Picture

So the problem is I don't have the buttons in the topleft of my inventory to change day, toggle rain on/off, trashcan, magnet etc.etc.

I had all of these on skyfactory when I had the same rank and I know that Imp has them and there shouldn't really be a differense between sponsor and sponsor+ according to the shop.

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