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Deleting/Creating Towns


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Hey, my name is Scriding in game.

I am new to the server and to the MyTown mod.  I created a town and never set a /home or /town spawn.  I lost where the town is and have tried deleting it multiple times now without success although it still takes the $10 from me everytime.  I have also tried creating a new town under a different name and again, it takes the $30 but does not create a town.  I am now stuck without claimed land and frustrated I could not figure it out by myself.  I've asked for help in game, but no one answers.  I just saw another player having issues deleting a town aswell so it is not just me.  

If there is a way my town named "Scriding" could be deleted to allow me to create a new one where I want (knowing it will be permanent), I'd be a happy camper.  I'm looking forward to some fun times on this server. :D

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do you remember what your surroundings were like? I could try and fly around to find it for you. try random tp until you find it if you random tp'd to it.


I'll be on the lookout for your town.


When you find it, do /town setspawn asap. 

if you wish, there's a livemap that gets updated once or twice a week (not sure on exact times of updates) maybe you'll be able to find it before I do. if you remember it was in such and such of a biome, or if you remember how the map looked, etc...



another thing that crossed my mind is the fact that if you've ever crashed (happens sometimes) you can find crash logs with your coordinates in them. check for one of those and maybe it'll help us help you. 

of course an admin can just teleport to your town and put a linking book to your town in your inventory for you ;)

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