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[Rollback requests] My town has been glitched

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Account name: Rotomegax

Town name: RotoBase

Coords: x = 3273, z = 3821, y = 76

Rollback time: 11:00 AM EST +7, December 28th 2017


Description: Today I come to my town to check my ender quarry, but the things I got is my base's walls, all Thermal Foundation Machines and almost of itemduct and my 3 culinary generators has gone, here is 3 pictures to proved that. Looks like my base have some thermal foundation machines cause lag and server has cleared all of them.




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I've checked, looks like the base have been rollbacked 24h before the time I want to rollback. Idk this is my mistake or not but my ender quarry and inscriber has gone. Bruny, can you refund the inscriber for me? Because almost ender quarry materials is here but the inscriber I buy from other player and I need logic processor to make the mining pipe for ender quarry

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