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Items lost in chests of a chunk

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Use this template:


Please follow this Template. To speed the process up.


Please use the [Rollback Request] prefix in front of the topic title.




Account Name: 


Island owner name:




Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]:




Description of Issue:






*Not necessary but helpful.

Posted at: here

So that bruny will know when to rollback to, and where to rollback. And could be quite a necessity to put your IGN in there if you don't have the same name on here and on the server, and also good for him to know if you're the island owner or not :-)

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@fullbloodwolf please use the format/model that is given, the only way to fix a problem in-game is doing a forum post since rollbacks can only be done by Brunyman, even if you want a refund only at the moment admins that is eligible to do a refund is still on their holiday, so yeah use the format so we can rollback your island at a certain time that you wish, without the model there's nothing we can do since we don't know your island's coordinate, what time do you want it to roll backed too. Also rollbacks are done on Mondays and Fridays, it can't be done instantly since we are using third party application for the rollbacks because since in-game plugins can't detect modded blocks because of their special item values. If you don't fix this soon i will declare this is a void topic since you are not using the template given


Note: If you don't want a rollback you can either write the item you lost 1 by 1, but I recommend you just do rollback it will restore 100% of your item if you set the correct time

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Account name: fullbloodwolf


In game name: fullbloodwolf


Coords: x -8193  y -11797 y 144 (9)


Date to roll back to:  1/5/2017 4:45pm  Eastern Standard Time


Issues/Concerns:  In 1 chunk my chests had all their items deleted in the center of my island  and deleted a lot of my progression.  the chests turned sideways and no items were inside as well as a couple chests on outskirts of chunk


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