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I was watching over my quarry and this guy teleprted to me without TPA instantly killed me with an enchanted bow as his player was invisible and the only way to see him was the floating bow, The video evidence will be available tomorow as im still currently streaming and the "VOD" will not be rendered untill roughly tomorrow due to the amount of time i have been online, I have a screenshot with his name the rest will be visable once i update this report with the edited VOD unless you want to watch 17 hours of live stream "would be boring" 


The player in question was hovering mid air with no visible signs of jet pack exhaust "ion thrustsers show no exhaust im aware" the thing im more concerned over is the fact he teleport-ed to me without TPA"

as i find it unlicly that he so happened to come accross me randomly due to the few players around the area i am located ever been online,


Items stolen:

1, Tesseract.

1. quarry

1, resonant energy cell 

2 item ducts

1 red stone energy conduit


Im not asking for these items back im hoping this issue will be looked into when possible.


im aware the image only shows the players name whom killed me and stole said items above but more shall be clear tomorow once the VOD is uploader

this happened at 14:40 GMT +00 UK Time



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