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World Edit Transfer victoraf33 - sasuke0711


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Already a couple of weeks passed for PowerWarp to decide if I am going to transfer the world edit command from victoraf33 to sasuke0711, the account is used by the same user always Victor and Cristobal. PowerWarp told me to do a post on the topic of transferring the plugin commands in 2 weeks, Well here's the post

Content Images for why I made this post: https://postimg.org/gallery/1qlo94rog/



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Isma let me explain that this ban was an incorrect feeling, since it was because I had some nocht apples with spawnby, but nowhere say that those apples are illegal for ranks with creatives, they are only illegal for normal people without rank and in pvp And also the managers made a mistake in the served pure survival; The apples of the nocht can be spawnear the same / i and also creative. But instead different items that are illegal can not be spawned from the creative nor the item like the emerald blocks, emeralds, sponges .. Etc.

In order for a server error, Mr PowerWarp and Mr Brunyman will pay the consequence to several players who own the creative for the rank they bought. I do not want to say that they do not serve to administer servers. An error of not prohibiting the spawneo of that items nocht apples

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I have been playing in this server for 5 years, always postulated to be a staff member on the server, but I did not know English, between these years and learned to speak, French, English, Russian and Spanish, This 2016 and 2017 only had a prohibition of EndeRuscher because he had an apple of nocht that "can be drawn from the same creative", I think that I miss the command, in the account of victoraf33 house that found it was disfavored with the World Edit, This account of sasuke0711 are using the same people as the one of victoraf33, the reason that because we translate the range because there was a person agena to the permission of the account legally. Thank you I await your reply @Brunyman
PS: I think I miss World Edit for my time on the server, and the rules like the back of my hand

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