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Market Tinkers' bug


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Ah yes, market and /auc does not take Meta data very well - this is because every hammer has the same ID of 6649, and once the market plugin tries to retrieve the item it sees them all as the same and picks the firsto ne on the list - the wodden hammer.

This is also the case for say filled deep storage units or golden bag of holdings. This is because - I assume - the market plugin was made for Vanilla Minecraft, but I'm sure @quagma or @brunyman might be able to issue you a refund if you'd like?

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I'll leave the topic open for a few days incase Bruny wants to answer to offically, but to "patch" that issue would probably require a rewamp of most of the plugin itself.

But we should somehow try to make it more clear that the meta data doesn't transfer well into market or /auc.

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