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[IE] Command request


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Hello @brunyman !

I'd like to request a few commands, and it's up to you if you reckon it's too much for my 'paygrade' ;-) 
I'd like /tppos so I could teleport to players needing help instantly without having to wait for their tpaccept, and there's plenty of other uses for it too, for example a player a few days ago had a problem with his grave in the nether and it was literally 10k blocks away from my position and he couldn't tp me any closer. - IF this command is to be denied I'd like to ask for /tp instead, but I'd prefer tppos as it has a wider usage :-)

/thru would be helpful as it's been a few times where I've helped staff investigate dupe suspicions and couldn't really reach the areas they could since i couldn't open doors etc. in protected towns. I'm also a big fan of the command /thru and would most likely use it more for personal use than anything else.

/thru - Command reference list - it was down when I made this post. I would guess the permission is " worldedit.navigation.thru " though.

/tppos - essentials.tppos

I want to request this as I have Sponsor on IE and I used to have Sponsor+ on SF until I gave it to a friend :-)

Thanks regardless Bruny!

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/tppos you get at Admin rank

World Edit you get at GM rank. Also, i`m not sure what rank got "Compass" teleporter. I guess Mod?

Don`t rush.

Also, you will get /tp at Mod rank, and will be able to teleport to anyone without /tpaccept. 

See THAT section. (For staff members only)

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Fair enough Timur :-) I figured there was no harm in asking, and I've seen a handful of helpers have /tp accepted as a requested command, and I didn't see tppos as that much different.

Compass I already have access too through my donator rank and I don't think /thru is that different, I'm not asking for all of World Edit.

Should we still wait for a response from Bruny? Otherwise you're welcome to decline the request Timur and close this thread :-)

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