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[Complaint] KiRiTo99_


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In-Game Nickname: KiRiTo99_


Time and date: 6:15 PM (UTC+1), 12 February 2017


Description of what happened: I made a RFTools dimension of yellorium blocks, and placed 4 64x64 enderquarrys there with my enderchest on top so that everything would go to my ME. I went back to overworld and let the quarrys do their thing. i left the game for about an hour, and when i came back and checked on the quarrys i noticed that my enderchests were replaced with different ones. I saw they were now owned by KiRiTo99_, so i removed them and contacted him. after ignoring me for about an hour, a helper heard about it and said he should reply. he first denied to have anything to do with it, but after some questioning he said that he changed the color of the chests/replaced them (not sure what he meant). and he said that his girlfriend ''deleted'' all of the yellorium.

because of him doing this, it cost me loads of yellorium to produce the rf to keep the world and quarrys running, but i only got a very small percentage of the yellorium mined by the quarrys.

I don't want to be salty about it, but made this post for reference if he does it again...

please excuse my English

Screenshots or Proof: 

(i was not able to screenshot everything since chat was kinda hectic.

List of eyewitnesses: Craftyguy23

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