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The obsidian is most likely due to the /opis command which changes laggy blocks to obsidian
And about the CPU's being missing, we're taking a look into it

Edit: I asked thomason and he said that he didn't destroy anything on your base. If you feel like making a complaint against thomason, you need to gather sufficient proof before doing so. Also, you can ask brunyman to rollback your island to a specific date in the Technical support section of skyfactory while following the Rollback request template




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It does indeed look like the anti lag command. Usuaaaaally... bugged out entities or otherwise server hurting blocks will be turned into obsidian. This can range from a single block to a multi block structure. I'm not sure what.... if anything used to exist where the obsidian blocks now reside but this is the most probable case. 

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1) There is no full block log plugin on the server so we can't check who placed them.
2) Ask the helpers sperately if they did anything on your base.
3) Unless and until there is solid proof of the greifer we can't really ban him/her.
4) Make a rollback post to get your lost items back.
5) Please don't triple and double post, if you have something to say just use the edit button.
7) The entropinniyum flower changed to bedrock due to the opis command (Anti-Lag command)

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