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Unban me pleas


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You may submit an unban request in the appropriate section if you think you were punished unfairly and haven't already done so. Alternatively, you're free to buy an unban package from the community store, for a certain price. 

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As quagma states, you will have to make an Unban appeal if you think the ban isn't deserved and would like to appeal the ban. 


Otherwise, the only way to get back on the server before the tempban runs out is the buy an unban. This is done HERE

ALTHOUGH.... as you did ban-evade you will have to buy an unban on all accounts. Otherwise it's still considered ban evading. And since you have been banned a total of 4 times. ( First time scamming + 2nd time scamming + first ban evade + second time ban evade ) you will have to buy a grand total of three third time unban's to be allowed back on the server.

Therefore you must be this unban for the following accounts to be allowed back on the server:

Thematix720 - third time unban - 19.99EUR
poppo - third time unban - 19.99EUR
shishkebab - third time unban - 19.99EUR

Grand total of 59,97EUR. That's the price of your unban.

now if you hadn't ban evade it would only had been 9.99EUR...

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