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[Sky Factory] So, what`s next?


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Question to @brunyman

What`s next with SkyFac server? Will it be wiped, or updated to Sky Factory 3?

Curently SF3.0 updated to 3.08, and anounced as "Release" version. That means all bugs was fixed (probably) and pack can be used on Public servers.

As you can see HERE majority of community vote for Wipe. But what do You say?

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Hi, i'm working whenever I have time on plugins for sponge, we will first open a server on Direwolf20 1.10.2 and after everything is done we will also plan to open SkyFactory 3 and Infinity Evolved 1.10.2 , this is the future plan. We will probably keep the current servers and open the new version as new servers, maybe sometime in the future we will merge them.

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