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Big Reactor glitch

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I hope this is in the right forum...

Direwolf20 server:

I built a very large reactor and have started to fill it with fuel.  First I loaded it with 88 yellorium blocks and 4 ingots.  Upon logging back in from the standard server reset, the fuel was empty. 

Next I loaded it with just under 4 stacks of blutonium ingots.  I had to log out and upon logging back in, empty fuel.  I had yet to turn the reactor on.

Lastly, I loaded it with 152 yellorium blocks and 8 ingots, ran it for about 20 seconds and turned it off. When I ejected the fuel, I got back no cyanite and only 2 stacks of yellorium ingots.

In total, I've lost 240 yellorium blocks, not including the ingots while only getting back 2 stacks of yellorium ingots.

My reactors coords are X:419     Z: -3622   Y:77

Any GM that may want to test it and check it out, feel free. I would like some of those Yellorium blocks back...It took a long time to mine that much ore.



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It may be that your reactor is too big, and has far too much lag to function properly. The tick rate of the server probably drops when you try to use it, so the best course of action seems to be to reduce its size. I will get on and refund you the lost materials, and in future, remember that there is such a thing as "too big."

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You can make a reactor maximum size, but you have to look at chunklines. if you build a 32x32 reactor in 4 chunks it will work fine, even on the server (i tested).
however, like Quagma said, they cause insane amounts of client and server lag so I'd strongly recommend finding another power source to fulfill your needs.

If you need a lot of RF/t, the x8 or x64 netherstar generators are probably your best bet. they can create huge amounts of RF with very little lag. You do need a wither spawner setup for it tho, which can be a bit tricky. But I can help you set one up if you want, just msg me if I'm online.

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