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Don's Mute Mistake?


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[1] In-Game Username:

-(Answer in this line)- train19
[2] Details of Situation:

-(Answer in this line)- I was jailed for throwing snowballs at someone in their base. I then messages Justadrii how long I was jailed for and she said 3 hours. Then Don muted me for 3h I messaged him why and he ban for me 3 hours due to mute bypass. I have been unban but it now says Ive been muted for 19 3h I think he meant the 19 in my name and typed it twice as a mistake please help.

[3] Ban Category:

-(Answer in this line)- I was Muted and Ban. Ban is over but mute says 19 3h

[4] Ban Duration:

-(Answer in this line)- Its over but ass aid above mute says 19 3h

[5] Staff Member:

-(Answer in this line)- Don

[6] ScreenShots:

-(Answer in this line)- Cant get them here but please believe me xD

[7] Your Reason:

-(Answer in this line)- I feel it was unfair to mute me forever just for asking why I got jailed please help it may be a mistake as it says 19 3h I think the 19 is from my name please help this my favourite Tekkit Server and Zee Knows that

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Jail mutes you, you bypassed that mute with a /msg which is punishable I could have added onto the punishment you already incurred.
After being jailed (which mutes you) and you doing a /msg to bypass a /mute was given which was to give you a visual warning that you are muted you bypassed that one also giving me the right you add onto the punishment you already incurred again. You were banned to prevent further bypass.

Your 2nd mute (jail was the 1st mute) was for as long as the jail time, and your ban is also for the same length as the jail time. The ban was merely to prevent further bypass of the mute. So I did not add any length to your punishment.

Your jail & consequent ban was for claim bypass griefing another player with snowballs you and another were doing it that player was also banned. Though he was doing it with fluids not snowballs. Don't bypass punishments.


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