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[Rollback request] littlelegomaster

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Account Name: Littlelegomaster

Town name: / Character name : ( motherrussia  )


X: 1763.79811

Y: 123.000

Z: -2659.83843

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 4/11/17 1 AM

Description of Issue: town access perms where left on, i logged offline and when i logged back in the base was removed of every machine, including about 6-8 nodes in the thaumcraft room, the entire base was raided and all our Applied energistics drives are gone. 6/2/17 Bumping this and adding screenshots of damage. Here is the link 


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So, this topic is over 2 months old and you still want a roll back? I came across this base some weeks ago and it was all completely unclaimed. So, it's not a matter of perms turned off, the base was abandoned and unclaimed.

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