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Purchased Mystcraft World Deleted


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So I've been planning on purchasing a mystcraft world for a while now. Spent nearly a week perfecting a world (tweaking, determining there is no decay, etc.... I finally purchased said world using it's world name Friday.  It never had a world number that i could see as i named it before i bound it.  The transaction went through, i even had a mail in game saying my world was safe..


Well it's gone...

Got wiped today...

Sad UFO :(


Is there a backup? I had done some serious moving in all day yesterday...

Please could you look into this?  Mystcraft world was named Similaria

thank you,


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if no name is given when binding the book an age number is assigned. I am not certain the age number is the same as the dim number though. I'll test it on my little ded box.

If you give the world a name when you bind the book you never get to see the age number. That is how i created my world.  I do  recall prior to purchasing I read the kit requirements for finding the right world and it asked for world name or number... so i bound my book with a name. Entered it, it accepted it and prompted an in game mail.

I can not check the book now as it crashes my game, as it is no longer active. Considering the untold sea of worlds this last week i have little hope of recovering my materials.

Now i can tell you that that world should have a date modified time very close to the myst-wipe reset on monday.  I am lucky i didn't get caught in there, because i had been back and forth all morning.

This is by far and away the most enticing kit you offer IMHO. I'd love to see it get used....   be me :)


I'll be away all weekend but back Sun eve. 

thanks for your response




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That's it Adrii :)




i confirmed that Age number and Dim number are the same.  Also confirmed that a player cannot see the age number once they've named the book. I knew i shouldn't have named it first...



Perhaps we can try again when i get back and this time i'll give you an age number 

again i won't be in server until Sunday




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