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[Admin Abuse] Malllador


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In-Game Nickname: justadrii

Time and date: 20:40 GMT+0 19/04/2017

Description of what happened: We were just trading a bit in chat then suddenly he starts to say "Mallador disband your clan" our clan was called Israël and our clan tag was Jew, which was relatively fitting since we're all real life jews, also I do not believe being called Jew is offensive in any way at all. Also after Nick started to find this a bit anti semetic (and us also) we started to argue in he said to nick to "Stop rolling his ballsack over something that doesnt concern him" (see imgur). After that we remade the clan since this is clearly not against the rules at all he also said it was against the rule of being racist.

Screenshots or Proof: 

I think the rest is just gonna have to be confirmed by the eyewitnesses since I didn't know u needed screenshots although all of this happened in chat if theres anyway for u admins to see a log of this chat then use that.

List of eyewitnesses: 





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Im sorry to say that this is basically rubbish, i seriously couldnt care less what race/nationality you are, but calling ur clan Jew or israel or wahtever just aint gonna go down with pretty much any staff, the picture is irellivant and so is the majority of it, adrii was by no means abusing her power as a staff member and did the right thing.

Can A Forum Mod Please Close This

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