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Account: Dr_Giga

Time/date: 4/21/2017 14:00 PM - 19:00 PM CEST

Today, on 4/21/2017 I enchanted a power suit helmet with protection IV but half an hour later the enchant was gone, after that I put the power suit in the ME system and went off, which was during 14:00 PM - 15:00 PM, to take a nap and five hours later I come back and the whole power suit is gone. The power suit had HV capacitors in each piece. Also lost five vote keys from voting today at around 13:00 PM and a block that I had moved from downstairs of my base to upstairs had been returned back to the place it was when I got on, as if the place got a rollback. Also I replaced some old leadstone circuits with redstone circuits and they were not changed.

I don't have any evidence of these whatsoever considering how I never expected to loose them. The main reason for posting this was because I thought I had lost four tesseracts, but I found them instead of my ME system where I thought I put it in the fluid transposer where I made them, so you don't have to bother refunding these items if you feel lazy.



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