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[Inventory Rollback][Island Rollback] Mafo_

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Account Name:  Mafo_

Island Rollback or Inventory Rollback:  Both


Island owner name: Mafo_


Coordinates:  X: -13589 Z: -5408 Y: 148

Time/date:   23rd of April 5:50 PM [CET] (Inventory) ;  25th of April 9:00PM [CET] (Island)


Description of Issue: I died on another players' island from his Shield Block and when He broke the grave some items despawned (that's what he said I was not there when the grave was broken, might've been they have fallen to void).

Description of Issue:  [Island Rollback] : I logged on later this day and all my ME Cables, Thermal Expansion , Ex Astris and some other machinery and fluxducts were just gone. It was not a grief as all my chests are full and ME Storage Cells are still there.

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