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English... :\/

I was thinking about implementing mods in survival mode (logical mods, not out of survival or pvp) since I've noticed lately that the "pure" server is lately empty. For most users who spend time on this, the game becomes somewhat repetitive and they have nothing to do ...

Of course mods that do not modify the difficulty of the game itself, tried in advance to verify its possible faults and discard them, etc. But they make the server more attractive for the players.

I would like to know what the community thinks and of course the owners of this server ...


Español... :v

Estaba pensando en la implementación de mods en el modo survival (mods logicos, no fuera de tema de supervivencia o pvp) ya que he notado que el servidor "pure" últimamente se esta quedando vacio. Para la mayoría de usuarios que le dedican tiempo a esto se les vuelve algo repetitivo y no tienen nada que hacer...

Por supuesto mods que no modifiquen la dificultad del juego en si, probados con anterioridad para verificar su posibles fallos y descartarlos, etc. Pero que hagan que el servidor sea mas atractivo para los jugadores.

Quisiera saber que piensa la comunidad y por supuesto los dueños de este servidor...

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I'm not sure what you are asking for here. If you want a more "attractive" experience with modded and more things to do than vanilla minecraft then we have modded servers ranging from Infinity evolved to Skyfactory. 

The thing with modded servers and having mods on your server overall is that all the mods that exist on the server also must exist on the client's side. Otherwise they simply can't connect... this is easy with flagship modpacks as whenever the player presses " play " on their desired modpack all mods is downloaded automatically to fit the server. As this is a vanilla server that "automation" wouldn't happen, and us adding mods to the server would just result in alot of confusion and lead to no new players on the server thereof, and even old players leaving.

So modding Pure Survival wouldn't be possible. And Pure Survival is meant to be just that... Pure Survival.

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