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Firstly, sorry if my English make you feel bad

This is my second guide, but this time this is optional for you. This means that you don’t need to follow exactly everything inside the guide. Forestry and other addon add many of bees with complex breeding and effects, this guide will provide you enough knowledge to perform critical steps on bee making and begin with Gendustry - the target of all apiarists without need to buy infinity comb from another player.


       I.            INTRODUCTION

     Bees are introduced by Forestry modpack and another add-on modpacks such as Extra bees and Magic bees. Bees are very hard to breed and fully-knowledge about them, they have some disadvantages such as:

  • Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong process (yes, I stretch the “o” to mention how long you have to spend): you can only know the results of breeding at the end of cycles, when the queen died and produce princess and drones. With the shortest lifespan, it take about 5 minutes for you to receive the results
  • Randomly: mutation occur when breeding are random until you reach Gendustry. With the breeding can lead to many of mutation, this is nightmare
  • Gives so much frustrate, angry and despair (once again, until you reach Gendustry)

      But if you overcome these  disadvantages, bees will give you

  • The power of Magical Crops in Ftb Infinity: of course it is nerfed and not so OP like Magical crops, but it still gives you very large advantages. Because they only require flowers and automatic system to produce a tons of materials that require Ender Quarry
  • With Thaumcraft: Save a lot of time to wander in Deep Dark to find a hungry node, and a lot of time to feed it or cost a lot of materials for Timur’s recipe on suggestion box. Also Thaumic bees can enhance the node’s quality to bright (I read on wiki but extra research need to be done to confirm), recharge the node and taint effects...
  • Ender Dragon resurrection: resurrect Ender Dragon with cheapest prices on all modpack of ftb infinity

     All of advantages will be explained later.


     Question 1: When you should begin?

     In my opinion, the best time to begin Forestry is from the beginning, because this is long process (I need about 3 months to get infinitive bees). Work on bees along with another modpack is the best choice because that this time you need to wait for core machines making (for example is iron chipset making).

     When you get to mid-tier machines, they help you very much on perform better bees processing (such as alveary).

     Question 2: What I need to begin working with bees?

     You need these things at the beginning:

Scoop, about 5 or 6 scoop but don’t craft all of it because they cannot stack in your inventory, just bring their materials and 1 crafting table to craft it

Some storage items such as Satchel from Thermal Foundation, Traveler’s Backpack from Tinkers’ Construct or other items such as golden bag... To store bees. In my opinion, Apiarist’s chest is not the good way to store a lot of bees because you cannot move them later with Dolly. AE2 system is the best, if not, try to use diamond chests.

Centrifuge, for honey drop making, it can be upgraded and I will show how to add upgrade to it later

Carpenter with seed oil for Apiary and frames making. Seed oil can be made by using fluid transposer so don’t waste bronze for the squeezer.

Acclimatiser: optional, adjust the tolerant with temperature and moisture of bees, only craft at the beginning when you live in harsh conditions of basic bees.

     Question 3: How to find basic bees?

     Bees located most on hives that spread all biome and dimension thanks to another mods like extra bees, use scoop to mine it. Also on villages you may have the chance to meet bee keeper, they may sold some kind of bees that cannot find or breed. These guys wear yellow clothes and their house have the roof make from forestry woods, they are very easy to find because the color of these woods are different with the normal roof color. On the backyard contain 2 apiaries, each of them contain 1 queen and 1 drone with 1 proven frame and 1 impregnated frame. At the beginning, bees from hives are sources for breeding, do not use bees from bee keeper’s apiary, these bees may contain different traits and it will make your mind exploded after some generation of breeding

     Question 4: How to work efficiency?

     There is some rules that you should follow to work efficiency:

-          Rule #1 - Breeding under the sun , hunting under the moon: Almost hives on overworld (except rocky hives) emit lights so it is easier to find them at night, especially when you are living on cold biome and want to find wintry hives. However you should arm yourself because hostile mobs can occur at night when you stand on the area for a long time.

-          Rule #2 – Pristine, pristine and pristine: When you have the princess on hives, they can stand on Pristine stocks or Ignoble stocks. Ignoble one will not produce princess after some generations, you can solve it by breeding on Bee house. However bee house not or have very low chance to mutate and you cannot enhance the process so you must choose pristine stocks for your breeding.

-          Rule #3 – Short lifespan for breeding, fast speed for production: Breeding bees need as short as lifespan so the breeding process can be done fast. The production bees need fastest as possible production speed so they can produce many of product as possible. This is my experience after 1 time lost the fast production speed on cultivated bees, another time lost normal production speed on imperial bees due to rollback request.

-          Rule #4 – Keep trash bees: Bees that have ignoble or cannot be used on breeding still valuable in raw DNA extraction (Genetics) or making liquid DNA (Gendustry).

     Question 5: Should I follow Genetics mod?

     NEVER, this mod is very good when it demonstrates processes of gene transfer in Biotechnology, but it consume so much bronze, time and not convenient as Gendustry. But you can make some machines from Genetics such as Hatchery upgrade of Alveary and inoculator, they are savior for you when you reaching skystone and silicon bees.

     Question 6: After I have bees, how I make them work?

     To make bees work, reproduce and mutate, you need bee structures, they are?

-          Bee house: the basic structure, very low chance of mutation but it force queen produce 1 princess at the end of their life. So it is recommended for you to use it for Ignoble stocks.

-          Apiary: more complex crafting than Bee house but it can store 3 frames, frames are extra items that have special ability affects to bees. There is some essential frames for you:

            o   Soul frame: add mutation chance

            o   Chocolate frame: increase production speed but decrease lifetime, 1 stone hit 2 birds in breeding

            o   Proven frame: increase production speed, very long durability but can only obtained from Villages. If you can’t find it, use Impregnated frame as substitution.

            o   Oblivion frame: decrease the lifespan of queen into 1 cycle of production (about 30s). But it have very few durability and will not work but also consume durability when add it with another frame.

     After you get bee structure, make queen by place 1 princess and 1 drone into the structure. The bar on the left show the life cycle of the queen, when the bar is empty, the queen died and produce 1 princess and some drones based on fertility traits (but ignoble have chances not produce princess).

     Question 7: How bees can mutate? My mind exploded when research on it.

      First, craft Beealyzer, this is core items of all bees breeding process, it show you all traits you need. According to Gendustry and Genetics mods, each bee is divided into 13 traits (on Gendustry each trait is called Chromosome) that appear on Beealyzer, they are:

  1. o   Species: Determine name of species and their products
  2. o   Lifespand: Determine the time of the life cycle of the Queen, from shortest to longest
  3. o   Production: Determine the time of each cycle of production of the Queen, from slowest to fastest
  4. o   Pollination: determine how fast they can mutate trees, use on tree breeding. If you don’t care about trees you don’t need to care about this trait
  5. o   Fertility: Determine how drones the queen will produce at the end of their life, from 1 to 4
  6. o   Flowers: Determine the type of flower that the bee needed. Flower mean vanila flowers, End mean Dragon eggs, Nether mean Nether Warts, redstones mean redstone tourch and node mean Thaumcraft nodes.
  7. o   Territory: Determine the working area of bee, they also affects to the range of effects of bees.
  8. o   Effects: Determine the effects that the queen affect to player when player stand on the working area of that bees. There are many of effects from the worst (End - kill player instantly) to the best (Resurrect: respawn any mobs from their drops, including Ender Dragon from the Dragon egg place on top of the bee structure, Empower: add random aspects to nearby nodes).
  9. o   Temperature tolerant and Humidity tolerant : Determine the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity that bees can work based on the default temperature of that species, they came from 0 to 5 from both side (up and down). Can be adjusted by using Acclimatiser 
  10. o   Cave Drewling (Yes or No): If yes, the bee can work when the sky on top of the apiary is obstructed by other apiary or other not-transparent blocks. Rocky bee have this trait
  11. o   Diurnal (Yes or No): If yes, the bee can work during day time. All bees that I’ve encountered have Diurnal trait
  12. o   Nocturnal (Yes or No): If yes, the bee can work during night time. Valiant bee have this trait
  13. o   Tolerant flyer (Yes or No): If yes, the bee can work during rain, very useful when our server always raining. Rocky bee have this trait

      Now is breeding, they follow Mendelian’s genetics rules with some addition. The first addition is each bee have 1 active allele (on the left) and the inactive allele (on the right), the phenotype of bees are determined by active allele. When you breed pure strand A (AA) princess and pure strand B (BB) drone by place them in bee structure. The Queen’s genetics you received on beealyzer is AA queen but actually they carry (AABB) traits. At the end of the cycle (the bar next to the queen go down), they will produce 1 princess with (AB) type and certain amount of drones depend on Fertility trait that have (AB) trait. Their type can be different because 1 allele will be inactivated but in general they share the same (AB) trait. If you breed (AB) princess with (AB) drones and the queen can produce 3 drones, here is all abilities that the princess and 3 drones will be and it is randomly.

                   Queen          A          B

          Drone          A       AA        AB

                             B       AB        BB

   Notes, 2 drone/princess have (AB) trait can be different in species due to randomly inactive trait.

      The miracle comes from the mutation chance when 2 different traits combined together. The most simple explanation is when the trait A (or B) from the princess meet trait B (or A) from drones, both of them may have % of changing to trait C. This mutation only occur on trait “Species” and lead to the change of the remaining 12 trait to the default trait of this bee. The chance of getting mutation on both of 2 alleles on apiary or another bee structure is very small and it is not improved even when you have Alveary contain 8 mutation circuit and 1 mutator contain nether stars like the mutation of my Earthern bee... Because the boost percentage is not add this percentage to the chance of mutation, it just increase the chance of mutation to the percentage of items. For instance, 1 nether star can boost 100% when place on mutator, the bee have 20% of mutation so the nether star only boost the chance of mutation to 40% (100% of 20%). Moreover, some bee need special requirement to mutated such as right block under the structure, moon cycle, environment around the struture... The only way to solve these problems are tech to Gendustry and use Advance Mutatron, they allow you to choose mutation type you want (however ignobe princess have a chance to fail and you will lose princess and drone)


     Question 8: After get all materials and basic bees, what I need to do?

     The next thing you need to do is make common, and cultivated bees. They are core bees for any branch of Forestry, Extra Bees, Magic Bees and Gendustry’s Bees (they are useless for anything except dying)


The next part is important bees, I will construct charts for you for convenient in looking on smartphones, I also add power point slides demonstrates the breeding process of all bees mentioned on this guide. Hope you will enjoy it. Also some pictures about my breeding process to show how hard the bee breeding have without Gendustry

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