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Bugged HP Bar

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Hello, my in game name is ThePoopAngel

so i have opened a chance cube and started taking damage a at rapid rate. so fast that my screen got tilted.

i have asked for support in the chat, and they said it is because of the chance cube and that my hp is bugged, so i should ask for help in the forums.

how can i fix this?

and what is the reason of this issue so i wont to it again.

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2 minutes ago, yosefshaked said:

@brunyman will have to reset your player data, Please put all of your items in a chest before he resets it so you won't lose any item

If you need help doing so (having issues getting into your inventory) please tell me and I'll help you.

i cant open my inventory or any chest/ i need to kill me but i can't

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