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I am causeing ID ERROR 166, please help.

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I am Ohanno_WhiteWolf [Tekkit:Helper] and I believe that a chunk within my claimed town is broken and is causing the ID ERROR 166 that plagues everyone. Honestly i have no idea what could be causing it, I have nothing tech wise in a while. Ive mainly just been building my market which doesn't have many things in it other than a few buildings that are empty at the moment. So I beg to the owner in this post that he or someone can rollback my town 3days at least, the first time it happened was just barely under a day ago, so please back my town by a least 3 days. or deleted it and re roll the chucks. I don't care at this point, i do not want to be responsible for anymore of these errors. Please re roll my town ASAP. the town name is: Ravenstone Mayor: Ohanno_WhiteWolf | I will remain offline until I am notified that this has been fixed. I hope I have not caused too many problems among the other players.


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