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Mysteriously Kicked Out From Own Town


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Ok, haven't been on in awhile, been busy. Might not be on that much anyways, but I'd like to know why I was kicked out of my town that I spent alot of money on. And the only person in the town is my friend who dosen't have a computer. So I'd like to be added back into my town.


Coords: -1716.20 +4797.20

Username: EpicLoganc

Town name: AtomicDemons

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(Towns are not automatically deleted after 30+days, Its something that has to be manually done)

Player: PrincessJasmine2 is (was) the current mayor of AtmonicDemons
(They have been offline for 1month 2days 11hours as of me typing this)

Anyways I have made PrincessJasmine2 town assistant, and you Town mayor. I can't find any evidence of PrincessJasmine2 being a donator with creative and that base has infinite energy all over the place. That and you having a set home to it as your first set home. Plus PrincessJasmine2 has been offline over 1month.
So I did that for you as from what I know PrincessJasmine is #1 no longer playing and #2 not allowed to have creative items (from what I can tell, can not find a forums account with that name)

As to how they would end up as the towns mayor is beyond me. The only way for that to happen would be either #1 you had handed them the town or #2 a GM or GM+ has manually handed them the town. Neither of which would be acceptable given the nature of the items that are inside that base.
I would hope that it was not a staff that did it as they should understand that player cannot have said items available to them.


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