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Unban Request


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Dear staff I was rencently banned from the server for duping just a heads up I nor Evo_Tech was responsible for the placement or use to the duper it was a person named Jocker who also has a second acount called Cptsteve or something We did not know he had made that duper and only discovered it when we add the plot to our town. This is what happened One day on the server I was asking to buy lead after awhile I received a message from Jocker saying he would help me get leather all I done was gave him a few resources Iron,Copper,Wood etc and he went away and came back with lots of lead I said thanks and he was gone not knowing anything about the duper or what it done. I recenenlty discovered it when I went adding plots to my town. Not knowing what it done I tested it out not knowing what it done I Accidentally duped a whole bunch of turbine casings on accident and then had to go away for a few days to come back and found I was banned for duping just like Evo_Tech. So I didn't know what it was or how it worked nor did I know it was banned till I experimented with it, I am also a bit stumbled with how I was banned for 8 days for my first offence according to rules its something less than that, I really hope someone can communicate with me whats happened and I formally apoligise if I done something majorly wrong yours sincerely militaryk. I really don't want to have to find a new server as I really enjoyed this one and just want to continue with my town etc. Staff can I please have some help with this. Just so you know I didn't mean to cause any harm in trying out this thing I discovered nor did I know what it done I would really apreciate it if u just removed the chest so I continue with how I was going with my and Evo_Tech base

I just looked it up and first offence is 2days how come I was given 7? I would really like help with this dilemma 

Username is militaryk

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For starters, you were given a 9 day long ban because you were 

    1. Duping
    2. Bypassing restricted items.

That is two offenses, given a combined punishment of 2+7 days. 

[2] No Bug Abuse/Exploiting Bugs:

1st offense = 2 day ban.
2nd offense = 7 day ban.

And franky, I am not buying your story, the strongbox had been used, it had been hidden and there were even chests surrounding it. That a Creative strongbox is used for duping is a common knowledge and you guys knew of it too, that you didn't report any of this to anyone- to have it removed... or to report the player is what makes your claim questionable.

Unless you have further proof that this is what happened and that
    1. You never used it
    2. You had no connection to Jocker
    3. Actually reported it to staff at a previous occasion.

I'm asking for proof here, saying that you have will not cut it, sorry. It's up to you to prove your innocence in an unban appeal, and key word here is prove.

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