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[Refund Request] Possible Bugged Chunk


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IGN: Akademee

Hey everybody,

This is the first of what I fear may be many refund requests as I appear to be having a problem with a bugged chunk that encompasses my entire base.  I will attempt to move out of this particular chunk (Possible Bugged Chunk @ -388, 3397), but the chunk is still in my town and I would like to see it fixed at some point in the future.  I hope that it can be restored or reset or whatever can be done.  It seems that if I leave the chunk, the chunk rolls back a minute or two, vaporizing any items that I recently put in my chests and even uncasting smeltery items and returning the molten metal to it.  This has not been a one off thing either.  This has happened no less than five times now and it seems to be increasing in frequency.  I really hope that this is a fixable issue as I want to keep playing here.  I am in a small starter base so I shouldn't have anything too intense to cause server problems.

Link to Original Forum Post about Issue

I would like to post a refund request for the following items that I have lost due to this bug:

12 diamonds - 264

12 tin - 6630:10

2 Heavy engineering blocks - 2032:5

6 steel scaffolds - 2032:1

37 steel - 6603:7

32 smeltery blocks - 2118:2

128 redstone dust - 331

62 iron - 265

33 gold - 266

4 pistons - 33

45 lapis - 351:4

1 metal former - 203:4

I have lost many more items than this, but these are the most important ones I can remember at this time.  Like I said above, I will begin moving out immediately, but I would like to evacuate all of my important stuff before any resets or restores or anything.  It should only take me less than an hour or so.  I would like to thank Imperatus and ManYouForgot for helping me out and doing what they could to fix this problem.  If the problem persists, I will continue to add refund requests in this topic as to not clog up the technical support forum.




Edit:  Move out complete, feel free to do whatever needs to be done to the chunk mentioned above

Edit Edit:  I have reason to believe that the smeltery is the culprit behind forcing rollbacks of the chunk, I will continue testing. 


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