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Possible Rank Re-instatement

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Hi there,

As some of you are already aware, I'm Back! :) I've returned to the Tekkit server and after playing a while I've noticed there is hardly any moderation active. I have returned and am/will be active again so I'm wondering if there is a possibility to have staff rank reinstated?

I would like to help and assist the team again if possible.




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Welcome back DawnShaker.

Been a while since I've seen you around on the Tekkit server. Even though it is not my choice to make I would like to "nominate" him back on to the Tekkit server staff. When he was an ADMIN (you forgot to mention that :P )back in the day he was a very good staff member. Responsible, friendly, and very willing to help the staff and players alike. 

Hopefully you are allowed back on the team, it would be nice to have another high ranking staff member who is available to help out and a friend to talk to.

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