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FTB Infinity Evolved Server Updated to Modpack version 2.7.0


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Our Infinity Evolved server was updated to latest recommended modpack version 2.7.0.


Modpack official changelog:

FTB Infinity Evolved-1.7.10-2.7.0

Bugfixes updates, plus a couple new bees!

Mod(s) Updated

  • BiblioCraft by Nuchaz (1.11.5 > 1.11.7)
    • Mod will now run the version checker asychronously in a seperate thread so game loading wont hang if bibliocraftmod.com is down.
    • Fixed the recipe book enableCrafting option so it checks the config value on the server, that way book crafting can be disabled on the server.
    • Fixed a bug that made it so waypoint 0 couldn't be deleted on the atlas.
    • Fixed a bug allowing exploiting the enchanted chase.
    • Fixed a big book default text size not showing up on the first page.
    • Fixed a dupe bug with the fancy workbench.
    • Fixed a dupe with the slotted book.
    • Fixed a packet exploit with the slotted book.
  • Buildcraft by CovertJaguar (7.1.16 > 7.1.22)
    • Removed wasted space in packets.
    • Made some BuildCraft machines report the FakePlayer location as the acting tile entity.
    • Fixed a slightly incorrect usage of extractEnergy in PipePowerWood.
    • Fixed a crashed related to using the filler in the Nether.
    • Fixed Engine Blocks being craftable, even if they were disabled in the config.
    • Fixed Builders and Fillers not working above y=128 in The End.
    • Potentially fixed Planter Robot item filter handling.
    • Fixed a dupe bug in the Builder.
    • Fixed a crash related to the Zone Planner in fullscreen mode.
    • Fixed robots sinking through bedrock if the docking station is broken.
    • Fixed the Builder not handling flowing liquid correctly in survival mode.
    • Fixed a dupe bug related to the Auto Workbench.
    • Fixed a rare "division by zero" error on world load.
    • Fixed Refinery deleting insufficient input fluids for non-standard refinery recipes.
    • Fixed a rendering crashed related to the "Crafting Table IV" mod.
    • Fixed the Auto Workbench not reacting to item insertion correctly in all cases.
    • Fixed a crash when a machine clicked on a gate.
    • Fixed a concurrent exception thrown when wiring or updating MapWorld.
  • CoFH Core by TeamCoFH (3.1.3-327 > 3.1.4-329)
    • Improved mod compatibility for mods which didn't understand flat bedrock.
    • Minor backend adjustments.
    • Includes new CoFHLib.
  • CoFH Lib by TeamCoFH (1.1.2-182 > 1.2.1-185)
    • No changelog was provided by the mod author.
  • DecoCraft2 by RazzleberryFox (2.3.3 > 2.4.2)
    • Added new (non specified) models.
    • Added (non specified) Holiday items.
    • Added working Jukeboxes.
    • Added (non specified) baked goods models.
    • Added 61 new models. You can check them all on the mod's changelog.
    • Made it so flat planes don't have outlines.
    • Fixed transparency.
    • Fixed critical Rendering Outline bug with ATI graphics cards.
    • Localization error hotfix.
    • Fixed doors crashing.
  • Ender IO by CrazyPants_MC ( >
    • Backported a fix: Prevented generators from stalling if they are configured to produce more RF/t than normal.
  • EnderCore by CrazyPants_MC ( >
    • Fixed an issue where button tooltips would be displayed for the wrong area.
    • Fixed bettermodlist transformer messing with other mod GUIs.
  • Forestry by SirSengir (4.2.15 > 4.2.16)
    • Fixed Bee Housings so they can detect biome changes.
  • iChunUtil by iChun (4.2.2 > 4.2.3)
    • Removed "The Infection" from the mod. It will be rewritten and readded properly in the future. (or not)
  • Industrial Craft by Player (2.2.823 > 2.2.827)
    • Bug fixes.
  • JourneyMap by techbrew (5.1.4p1 > 5.1.4p2)
    • Bugfix: Web Map needed updated API key to continue functioning.
    • Minor bugfixes.
  • Logistics Pipes by RS485 ( >
    • Added missing crafting recipes for crafting cleanup upgrade.
    • Removed an unnecessary check
    • Prevented packets from being sent to a fakeplayer.
    • Fixed Fuzzy Upgrade in Basic Logistics Pipe.
    • Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException of CC QuickSort.
    • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException when trying to write a Compressed packet.
    • Fixed crafting progress viewing disappearing.
    • Fixed missing exceptions.
  • MineTweaker3 by StanH (3.0.10B > 3.0.13)
    • Strings should be able to be compared, no promises.
    • Changed /mt hand output.
    • Fixed a crash when there is only 1 script file present.
    • Updated "No Method Available" message.
    • Fixed a crash when JEI isn't present.
  • ModTweaker by jaredlll08 (0.9.5 > 0.9.6)
    • Implemented Botanical Addons (Botania) support.
    • Removed FSP integration.
    • Fixed: Not being able to specify low byproduct chance for Forestry squeezer.
    • Fixed: Failing to import some ModTweaker classes in ZenScript.
    • Fixed: Missing name parameter in line 182 of modtweaker2.mods.exnihilo.mods.handler.Hammer resulting in script failure when no recipe found.
  • MystCraft by XCompWiz ( >
    • Improved first-time profiling gui text.
    • Added a text field to the link modifier, which allows setting the age seed to be used with unused age books.
    • Renamed Flat and Void to TerrainFlat and TerrainVoid.
    • "Lacking" features now will not generate alongside other features.
    • Fixed: Symbols which happen to share names with biomes won't be changed to those biomes anymore.
    • Fixed some issues with showing GUIs.
    • Fixed a crash when interacting with "non-main" blocks of the desk.
  • Nuclear Control 2 by Xbony2 (2.4.1a > 2.4.2a)
    • Removed the Hong Kong Chinese (zh_HK) language file, as it is not supported by Minecraft.
    • Fixed Swedish (sv_SE) language file.
    • Fixed an accidental dependency on Thermal Expansion 4.
  • OpenBlocks by OpenMods (1.5.1 > 1.6)
    • Improved the rendering performance of the bulding guide.
    • Added new behaviour of hang-gliders, based on real world.
    • Added a variometer (acoustic indication of vertical speed) for hang-glider (activated with V by default).
    • Added an optional mode that places grave only when grave item is present in inventory.
    • Made the "Last Stand" XP cost fully configurable.
    • Made the trophy drop rate fully configurable, now allows for drops without looting sword.
    • Limited grave spawn height (excludes bedrock layer by default).
    • Added an option for minimal tank balance threshold (for performance tuning).
    • Last Stand now properly uses value of damage after armor reductions.
    • Cursor now requires sneaking to select a new block.
    • Changed height map projector model to include cone when map is present.
    • Mod now shows page numbers on the "Table of Contents" page of infobook.
    • Rotated builder guide dome template to allow more orientations.
    • Fixed: Blocks placed with the placer are now facing the same direction as the placer itself.
    • Fixed: Resized the vacuum hopper's hitbox.
    • Fixed: Limited the range of the cursor to 64 blocks.
    • Fixed: Sprinkler item duplication.
    • Fixed: A rare crash during tank rendering.
    • Fixed: Luggage taking damage from weird sources.
    • Fixed: "XP Shower" ignoring redstone state after game load.
    • Fixed: Glitches when trying to sleep with deployed hang-glider.
    • Fixed: "/dev/null" item duplication.
  • OpenModsLib by OpenMods (0.9.1 > 0.10)
    • Implemented a massive expansion of calculator (I think it's Turing-complete right now... whoops).
    • Implemented logging of fields and methods accessed via reflections.
    • Added shaders helper functions.
    • Added PlayerDamageEvent for damage after armor reductions.
    • Added a TE hook for neighbour TE change.
    • Improved the RGB::distance function
    • Automatically added repositories to all including projects.
    • Fixed: Possible item duplication with ItemInventory.
    • Fixed: Tank side filtering.
    • Fixed: Configs not saved after modification with GUI.
    • Fixed: Possible state leak in network pipeline.
    • Fixed: Forced chunk load in tanks.
    • Fixed: Misnamed enums in GeometryUtils.
  • OpenPeripheralAddons by OpenMods (0.5.1 > 0.6)
    • Added a sensor function to scan single location.
    • Added information about block color to sensor scan result.
    • Fixed: Mod now filters garbage character when glasses keyboard is used on Macs.
    • Fixed: A rare crash when attaching glasses to terminal.
    • Fixed: Peripheral proxy ignoring TE changes without block change (should now fix vanilla furnace bug).
  • OpenPeripheralCore by OpenMods (1.3 > 1.4)
    • Implemented "Feature Groups": fine-control of integration available for architectures.
    • @ExcludeArchitecture now works for properties.
    • Added an option to fully disable architectures.
  • OpenPeripheralIntegration by OpenMods (0.5 > 0.6)
    • Mod will now use Feature Groups to control integration per architecture (may be used to disable inventory adapters for OC).
    • Implemented better listing of bee species.
    • Aligned to new versions of integrated mods (mostly Forestry).
  • Storage Drawers by jaquadro (1.10.1 > 1.10.8)
    • Added NEI handler for upgrade template recipe.
    • Sealed drawers can no longer be used to craft upgrade templates.
    • Fixed redstone not updating when items moved through controller.
    • Fixed empty slot not being started when existing slot for a given item is full.
    • Fixed controller slaves not finding same slots as controllers.
    • Fixed compacting drawers sometimes not finding smaller-fraction items.
    • Fixed compacting drawers render desync when first populating with items.
    • Fixed a possible crash when inserting/extracting from a controller slave attached to an AE2 storage bus.
    • Fixed a dupe bug with buildcraft robots.
    • Fixed compacting drawers sometimes creating invalid material transformations.
    • Fixed compacting drawers mishandling certain items like snowballs.
    • Fixed controller range config setting not syncing correctly.
    • Fixed a possible crash in controller if it's asked to find a null item.
  • Thermal Dynamics by TeamCoFH (1.2.0-171 > 1.2.1-172)
    • Fixed a minor dupe case with the retriever.
  • Thermal Expansion by TeamCoFH (4.1.3-246 > 4.1.5-248)
    • Fixed a couple of dupe bugs with various blocks.
  • Thermal Foundation by TeamCoFH (1.2.5-115 > 1.2.6-118)
    • Final 1.7.10 release.

Configuration Changes

  • Added Draconium and Electrotine bees/combs to Gendustry.
    • Quantum + Diamond = Draconium
    • Lapis + Excited = Electrotine


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