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Estoy cansado de que la gente cree posts donde no debe por el simple hecho que ni se fijan donde lo tienen que crear. Si quieres un unban request crealo en Network servers que es donde tu juegas, en el apartado de unban requests, siguiendo la planitlla y en ingles. Si este post no es borrado y lo mueven a la seccion correcta, tendras que editar tu post con la plantilla.


I'm tired that the people create posts where they are not supposed to be created on for the simple reason that they dont even look where they have to create it. If you want an unban requests on Network servers, that there's where you play, is the unban requests section and following the template and in english. If this post don't get deleted, and moved to the right section, you'll have to edit it by following the template.

Can someone delete this post or move it to the right section?

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