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banned for using bat pet in lobby


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i hope to reach someone over this way :)

. i waited for my vote keys and ride the bat(didn´t know that riding it and flying with the bat will get me banned :( so i hope there is a way to unbann my character because i really enjoyed my time here so far

greetings DomeSenpia

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Write /spawn

It usually happens. You gitch and as the console thinks that you are flying, it kicks you. So copy "/spawn" and paste it the fastest you can. If you are not able, the only option is to wait the restart of the lobby. Good luck :P 

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10 minutes ago, DomeSenpai said:

not even half of a second after joining

It happened to me. I had to create a macro. When I pressed the key, automatically it wrote the T to open the chat and rapidly write /spawn and press Enter. This only pressing the macro. If you can't create macros, you'll have to wait to the reset. ):

P.S.: Never use flying pets, and don't play with lily pads. Just to avoid the glitch :P 

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