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[Presentation] G_G_Marvel


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Hello, crafters! I know it is kinda odd timing to write presentation about me, but what ever, let's continue.

I personally dont like telling people about my privacy, so let's skip that. 

My IGN is G_G_Marvel as you can see. My minecraft career started from 2012. I started playing minecraft when I watched Youtube videos about minecraft. After watching it, I was 'That thing looks good!' I searched on google and it says you need to pay. Welp, I turned my eyes into world of cracked. During progress, I screwed computers several time, thanks to malware and stuff. I was hyped with minecraft but after poor experience with cracked vanilla only servers, I was like, 'I am done with this.' I was also bored and disappointed with premium vanilla servers. That is when my modded minecraft life starts. I started with Tekkit as many people recommended. It was good for first three weeks or so, but my computer couldnt handle more than I expected. I had to give mc for periods of time. After getting better computer(which still sucks), I turned my minecraft launcher up. It WORKED(sorry for caps, I was really excited). I started re-torturing my computers again with Tolkiencraft 2 and Infinity Evolved(not expert mode, I am not that kind of person!) on singleplayer. After few months, I started feeling lonely. I wanna stick with modded server not vanilla.  I looked servers at minecraft server listing and found my place. Yeah, you are correct. it was Craftersland. I chose Direwolf because I have never tried that before. Eventually, my after school life became playing on server and my love towards server became applying to become a helper. As you can see now, I became one.

There is a story about my nick. My original name was G_G_Ion. I forgot why I put 'G_G_' prefix but whatever. 'Ion' sounds very scientific and cool thats why I put that in. I regretted my choice after three months from purchase. I decided to change my nick as soon as nickname change system was introduced. I was looking for better word than Ion. I chose Marvel because I liked Iron man from Marvel so much. I still like my nick, and sometimes I get in trouble with DC fans :D. 

I am an enthusiast. I try to put as much effort as I can, but sometimes, I do make mistakes. Other than that, nothing special.

Playing minecraft is my one and only hobby I have now. I am not interested in other games.

Thank you all for reading my presentation and have a nice day!

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I really liked your presentation! Been loving having you on the team! Hopefully we can see you eventually move on up through those ranks, because you've been pretty great so far! Can't wait to see what is in the future.

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