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Rollback Request


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Account Name: PeeWee71

Town name: / Character name : Arcadia

Coordinates: Chunks:

-1915, 744
-1897, 744
-1884, 744
-1881, 758
-1899, 758
-1913, 758
-1943, 763
-1943, 773
-1881, 776

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 21. july 12.00 (I hope)

Description of Issue: Has been seriously griefed during quarry under town. Lost most essential items, the whole Botania setup, metalworks and enderfarm. Have changed townpermissions now and will await all quarrying until restore can be done as to not dupe items.
I know I will lose stuff that has been done since the grief, but it is worth it due to all that was lost which will take more time to regain
There are some telltale torches on the second floor down,- if they are gone, the restore is probably ok. It is normally completely dark on this floor.

*Screenshots: ( Not necessary but helpful. )



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If you need more images, use an external image hosting site, such as lightshot or imgur, and post the links to the images instead of directly embedding the images into your post.

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Hi, and thanks. I got back my chests and the botania setup, but did you roll back the whole town?
I had made enderquarries and placed them in ArcadiaSpawn town so that it would't be affected,- but it seems everything has been rolled back there too

I moved all equipment and stuff I've made since the grief there to "save" it from destruction...



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